Arbitration is a private process in which an independent third party is appointed to decide the outcome of a dispute between two or more parties. Arbitration results in the final and binding determination of disputes in accordance with procedures, structures and substantive legal and non-legal standards chosen directly or indirectly by the parties.

The process may be conducted in different ways, either by a sole arbitrator or a panel, according to the requirements of the parties. Arbitration is often used where parties require a confidential process or where an arbitral award may be more easily enforced in a particular jurisdiction than a judgment from another jurisdiction’s court.

Each arbitration process is tailored to the parties’ needs. The flexibility and speed of the proceeding safeguards their interests, with the overriding aim being to maintain business relationships and achieve an outcome which will allow them to continue to cooperate in the future.

The Centre's Arbitration Rules, as approved by UNCITRAL, set the context and content of the arbitration procedure as perfomed by the Centre. 

To view the Rules please click here. 


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February 05 2015

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The Centre is proud to present its new and professional website, which aims to become an interactive portal for its members and any other interested

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