The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre has been established with main aim the conduct of arbitration and mediation proceedings at a local, international and cross-border level. 

The Centre seeks to undertake the resolution of civil and commercial disputes and differences referred to it either for arbitration or mediation and to settle them efficiently, promptly and in confidence. The Centre also ensures adherence to effective quality control mechanisms concenring the provisoin of arbitration and mediation services. 

For further information on the practice of the Cente, please see below. 


Arbitration Arbitration is a private process in which an independent third party is appointed to decide the outcome of a dispute between two or more parties. Arbitration results in the final and binding determination of disputes in accordance with procedures, structures and substantive legal and non-legal standards chosen directly or indirectly by the parties. The ... Learn More >


Mediation Mediation is the proceeding for the settlement of a dispute or controversy by interposing an independent person between two contending parties in order to assist in the settlement of their disagreement. Mediation is a voluntary process for the resolution of disputes and operates through an ethical communication characterised by people’s striving to resume a dialogue and ... Learn More >

Latest News

February 05 2015

The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre launches its website

The Centre is proud to present its new and professional website, which aims to become an interactive portal for its members and any other interested

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