Scope and objectives of the Euro Mediterranean ADR Centre

Scope and objectives of the Euro Mediterranean ADR Centre

The process of litigation has long been recognised as not being the most satisfactory way of settling disputes. It can often prove lengthy and costly, and alternative ways of settling disputes have been devised to streamline the process. The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre is truly innovative in this respect since it makes ADR available in the Eastern Mediterranean for the first time. 



The aims of the Centre are: 

  • To provide high quality dispute resolution solutions to enterprises, private clients and the public sector.
  • To be a leader in ADR in the wider Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • To stimulate regional growth and cross-border cooperation.
  • To promote and actively participate in legal training and establish academic synergies and clusters for ADR training in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • To improve access to justice on the ground and at policy level and to work towards reforms in civil justice.


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February 05 2015

The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre launches its website

The Centre is proud to present its new and professional website, which aims to become an interactive portal for its members and any other interested

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