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Scope and objectives of the Euro Mediterranean ADR Centre

Scope and objectives of the Euro Mediterranean ADR Centre The process of litigation has long been recognised as not being the most satisfactory way of settling disputes. It can often prove lengthy and costly, and alternative ways of settling disputes have been devised to streamline the process. The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre is truly innovative in this respect since it makes ADR available in the Eastern Mediterranean for the first ... Learn More >


Structure The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre has three main areas of activity, each one being distinct in its own right but interconnected to the wider rationale of the Centre. The proposed structure achieves a clear division of work, allowing arbitrators and mediators to genuinely focus on their field of specialisation. The introduction of a Legal Academy is truly novel as it provides ... Learn More >

Cyprus as a dispute resolution centre

Cyprus's benefits as a regional ADR Centre are wide-reaching and compelling, particularly due to its excellent geographic location, which allows it to be established as a meeting point for cross-border proceedings. Cyprus also has to offer expert professional and legal services in areas such as corporate and commercial law, international financial transactions, project financing, banking law, ... Learn More >

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February 05 2015

The Euro-Mediterranean ADR Centre launches its website

The Centre is proud to present its new and professional website, which aims to become an interactive portal for its members and any other interested

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